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What to choose, what to choose?

Are you a Big Mamma pizza fan like 80% of the French population? But…do you also despise waiting in line for two hours like 100% of the world’s population? Well fear no longer my pizza pal! I’ve found the perfect spot that doesn’t require taking a half day off work just to get in line early enough, because, *GASP,* this place actually has reservations.

I checked out Tripletta Gaite on a rainy Friday night after a pizza fanatic recommended the place. Tripletta Gaité opened its pristine doors in 2018 after it’s older brother Tripletta Bellville was a huge success. Word on the street is that the name of the restaurant is a nod to the 2003 animation film about the French mafia called “The Triplets of Bellville.” Most people keeping coming back for the trendy atmosphere, fast pies (pizza’s cook in under 1 minute!) and yummy bio ingredients.

Trendy | Tropical

The deco is a mix of trendy and tropical, coming off both cozy, yet chic. Lush plants are scattered everywhere, with tiled floors, Formica chairs and tiny alcoves sprinkled with mirrored walls. The focal point of the entire restaurant is this ginormous, white oven, just chillaxin’ right by the door. Surrounding the circular oven is a bright open bar and kitchen. You can watch the hustle and bustle as the servers toss bottles in the air while making cocktails and sprinkle pizzas with mouthwatering toppings.

Quite the diverse cliente made an appearance that night. A mix of families, couples, chic Parisians, and Stan Smith wearers like myself (aka not chic Parisians) were all chowing down. It’s surprisingly not too loud or noisy because most of the tables are tucked away. Second positive side to spread out tables is that you have a good chance of not being smashed next to strangers “Euro style.” Could be a good place for a 1st/2nd date since you’re not likely to have someone eavsdropping on those first awkward “get to know you” chats.

Airy Crust | Normal Sauce

Tripletta is known for it’s smokin’ Neapolitan style pizza. They prepare the dough ahead of time so that it matures enough to cook in 1 minute flat and create that same scrumptious crust we know and love from the Big Mamma Group. The toppings are endless with classics like the Margherita (tomato sauce, parmesan, fresh basil & mozzarella) and the Neapolitan (tomato sauce, parmesan, fresh basil, mozzarella, olives, capers and anchovies.) But they haven’t forgotten us gluttonous pizza lovers over here. Four different types of “gourmet” pizzas on the menu are home to toppings like truffles, speck, ricotta, pesto and Parma ham. It makes choosing between the 18 types of pizza the most difficult decision of your week.


If you’re not into pizza (is this even possible?) you can always try out the 6 different antipasti, the 4 family size salads or the sweet Nutella pizza. There’s no pasta or meat dishes so again, choose your dinner companions wisely. 

Burrata and Bread… A staple meal

€ Moohla | Moohla $

Prices at Tripletta are on the average side for Paris. A marinara pizza is the least expensive pie at €9 and the mortadella gourmet pizza is their priciest option for €20. No one should be racing for a reservation here because the pizzas are a wonder for your budget. However, the amount of times that I eat below average pizza in Paris for an average price is seriously unfortunate. So if you’re looking for an above average pizza experience for a typical price, don’t hesitate to reserve here.

Tips | Insider Info

  • Reserve around 7:00 or 7:30 if you want a more romantic table. Most groups arrive around 8 pm so you’re sure to be at a tiny alcove for two if you’re an early bird.
  • If budget is tight and you need to choose between a cocktail and a dessert, go for the dessert! The cocktails weren’t a highlight, but they sure photograph well.
Moscow Mule x 2

I hope you all enjoyed the pizza review! I’m always looking for new places to try, so doesn’t hesitate to leave your favorite pizza restos in the comments section!


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