Like every Pizza lover you meet in Paris, I’m a huge fan of the Big Mamma Group. Victor and Tigrane, 2 French men, opened their first Italian tratorria, East Mamma, in 2015. 3 years later, they have opened 6 other restaurants and are slated to open their newest one this month. Apparently more than 1,000 people can stuff themselves silly with Italian at the same time. Can. Not. Wait.

I checked out their third address Pizza Popolare with a fabulous foodie friend this weekend and I was far from disappointed.

Laid Back | Welcoming

The atmosphere is really laid back! You can easily show up in your favorite sneakers and a greasy top bun and nobody would give you a second glance. There are a mix of low and high top tables on the ground floot that are all arranged around a large open kitchen plan. This gives it a really family feel since you can take in all the smells and sights of a bustling kitchen as they cook the food. This does make for a more noisier meal compared to some of their other restaurants, but I didn’t find it overwhelming or distracting. I just wouldn’t recommend this for a “romantic” meal. The decoration is modern, trendy and on point and the walls are all filled with hundreds of different alchohol bottles so I was a huge fan. 🙂  They have a basment floor that looked a little less noisy and cosier so will have to check that out next time!

Chewy Crust | Heavy on the Sauce

Each of the Big Mamma restaurants have something unique compared to the others. The specialities at Pizzaria Popolare are their €5 margherita straight from Naples and their endless supply of alchohol. They actually have the largest bar reference in Paris! So of course, I went for the margherita pizza, a coconut mango cocktail and the gooey stracciatella to start. Everything was d-d-delicious. Napolitian pizza’s are known for their chewy light crust made with just 4 ingrediants. There is always more sauce than cheese so the middle tends to be a delicious soggy soup of tomatoes and dough. You’re not technically supposed to put a lot ingrediants on a napolitian pizza, but they have 10 different pizza choices ranging from a simple marinara to a double truffle with 6 ingrediants. You’re sure to find something!

€ Moohla | Moohla $

The prices are really competitive here for pizza. A marinara (€4) and margherita (€5) are the lowest, but even the most expensive truffle pizza is only €18. All the other flavors are anywhere from €9 to €15 so it’s really affordable for a restaurant with such fresh ingrediants. Cocktails aren’t as competitive though. Starting at €10, they are pretty average priced. If you’re turning away pizza for pasta (SHOCKED) you will find pretty average prices, but again, the actual food is far from average!

Tips | Insider Info

No reservations and there is always a long line. I’d suggest hitting it up for lunch on the weekend instead of dinner. If you get there by 11:45, you’ll be seated in the first round and you won’t have to wait long!

Clubbin’ becomes their middle name from thursday to saturday! The bottom level turns into a dance floor and you can wiggle and twerk until your heart desires. <3

On each receipt, you can find a recipe for one of the dishes on their menu. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring Popolare to your house!


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