I may be a loyal fan to my childhood pizza jaunts like Dominoes and Monicals (I still celebrate Valentines Day at my neighborhood Pizza Hut in Paris), but I have acquired some “fancier” tastes since moving to Europe. Paris is full of great pizza places, but I’m going to start off my reviews with one of my very favorites first, Le Papacionu.I actually can’t be credited with finding this little Corsica gem. That shout out actually goes to one special BG Florent, Robin’s bestie.  Florent and Robin used to live in the 9th together and Le Papacionu is just around the corner from their old apartment. What is so special about this place, besides the mouth watering pizza, is that before all the food delivery applications like Deliveroo and UberEats arrived in Paris, you couldn’t order food to go or pick up from a lot of sit down restaurants. While Le Papacionu doesn’t currently deliver pizzas, we’ve always been able to call and order a pizza for pick up. This was a luxury, pre Deliveroo, on those nights where you didn’t want to throw on real clothes for dinner, but you wanted a meal by a real chef.

Ok let’s get down to business about the place.

  large groups of friends | casual dinner dates

The pizzeria has two levels and you’ll find the bar and kitchen on the ground floor and a larger seating room on the upper floor. The ground floor is more lively since there is a lot of foot traffic passing by the tables along with the noise from the bar and the kitchen. But you do get the bonus of seeing the pizzas come flying out the oven and it’s especially easy to order that second bottle of wine since the bartender is close by. If you’re looking for a more cozy atmosphere, ask for a table upstairs. There is less foot traffic and they have amazing square tables for large groups where no matter who you are sitting next to, you can comfortably talk to everyone.  I highly recommended this place for groups of friends or a casual dinner date. It’s too loud to be put on my “romantic” pizza places list, but it tops my casual list.

 thin crust | strong on the sauce

The pizza itself is an extremely thin crust. It’s kneaded into really large circles that are baked in the oven and then cut in half. Each personal pizza ends up being a ginormous half moon shaped pizza. It’s so large that has to be served on a wooden cutting board, but, no worries, you absolutely won’t have a problem finishing it and you definitely don’t want to share your pizza here. They tend to pile on the sauce whether you get tomato based or cream based, so don’t drape yourself in white for dinner. You’ve got a variety of choices for toppings from the originals like margeherita and regina, to more exotic like truffle and savoyard. If you can’t decide, go for the chorizo and goat cheese, it’s my personal favorite.

€ moohla | moohla $

If you opt out of the pick up service and eating in your jammy’s at home, the price of the pizza is average for Paris in a restaurant. Anywhere from 12 euros to 22 depending on how fancy your toppings are. The drinks are reasonably priced and they have a lot of Corsica options to try with the pizza which adds a bit of authenticity to the night. Plan on spending anywhere from 18-26 pp if you order a drink with your moon shaped slice. If you decide to stay in, the prices are slashed in half when you pick up your pizza to go. But keep in mind that the take away boxes are so huge they don’t fit through the door of a bus. So if it’s raining outside and so you try to catch the bus to save your pizza from a swim, the bus is not a viable option.

tips |  insider info

Call ahead! They take reservations and especially on Friday and Saturday nights you need to book a table.

Be flexible about when you are seated if they don’t have the exact time you want a table for. The restaurant is in an adorable pedestrian street with lots of trendy cute bars. You can always grab a drink before or after dinner if the timing wasn’t ideal.

Closed on sundays! Sunday night pizza from Le Papacionu can’t happen since they aren’t open. Keep this in mind if you’re feeling lazy about picking up a pizza on saturday. You’ll regret the decision come Sunday.

Super friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Don’t expect your usual french snobby staff . You’ll see the same 30 something faces running the restaurant every night. So once you’ve visited a couple of times, you’ll feel like you’re returning to your neighborhood pizza joint where you know everyone.


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