I was the lucky dinner date of one of my favorite French couples at Daroco last Friday. This high end Italian “tratorria” has not disappointed since it opened it’s doors 2 years ago. The owners actually took over what used to be Jean Paul Gaultier’s ready to wear studio next to the Palais Royal Gardens and gave it a glamorous 2 million euro makeover. If you’re looking to eat great pizza in a place currently considered à la mode, look no further than Daroco. Reservations required!

  romance | trendy

I’ve been to Daroco in both small and large groups and I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth everything rolled in larger groups. The staff is really efficient and incredibly friendly by Parisian standards. They are all dressed up in striped shirts as a nod to Jean-Paul Gaultier, but I find that it just gives a fun extra French touch. You can certainly check out the pizza with friends and this must be the case for a lot of guests based on the lively atmosphere. They have a great bar in the back, Danico, where they put a fun spin on signature cocktails and you can take advantage of the trendy crowd. But this restaurant still is high on my list for romantic pizzeria options. With the cozy two person tables, the plush velvet booths and the candles on every table, you can absolutely spend some one on one time with someone while having a fun, classy crowd around you. Of course, when I say romantic, I don’t mean dead silence. Keep in mind that Daroco holds over 170 people in one sitting and they almost never have tables available the day of. So part of this space’s charm is the hustle and bustle around you.

thick crust | fresh ingredients

If you are a fan of thick crust you have come to the right place! I grew up outside of Chicago and I’m a HUGE  fan of deep dish style pizza. While this isn’t deep dish, it is unquestionably a thick crust pizza. The size of the pizza’s are smaller than the average size in Paris, but with the thick crust, you have more than enough to eat. They offer 11 different types of pizza to choose from and like their cocktails, their recipes are completely original with exceptionally fresh produce. I’m a huge fan of the Parma pizza with pieces of melting buffalo mozzarella sprinkled around dried Italian ham, but they are especially known for their truffle pizza. They offer both a white and black truffle option, but i’ll have to head back to check that one out 😉

€ moohla | moohla $

Pizza prices for Paris would be slightly more expensive than the average. While their margherita pizza runs at a really reasonable price of €12, all the pizzas fall between the €14-18 price range except for the truffle pizzas. If you want to spoil yourself, they will run you more around €30 to €45. While the pizzas can stay pretty reasonable for the swanky atmosphere, the drinks and desserts will for sure add up. So if you’re going for the full monty, count on at least €70 for dinner and drinks for two.

tips | insider info

Suspended Balconies are hung from the mirrored ceiling and they are a really cool way to experience the restaurant. Beware that they put the maximum amount of tables possible up there so it can be a little crowded, but the view is epic. Make sure to call and specify that you want to reserve there!

Their Chocolate Mousse dessert is absolutely orgasmic. Don’t hesitate to order it and split it with someone. It’s far from a puny portion.

They take reservations online, but if you want to book the same day and don’t see any openings online, call instead. Use your charms and see if they can squeeze you in for the early 7 pm seating or the late 10/11 pm one. I’ve always managed to get in the day of by calling.


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  1. Hey! Did you try East Mamma?? There are many restaurants in Paris and their pizzas are soooooooo good!!

    PS: I’m french so, sorry if there was mistakes. I’m not good with ortograph! ^^

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