2 | Shipped Off To Scotland

Some of the so called plans I had in Shipped off to France Part 1 like changing majors, finishing school early, moving to Europe etc.., actually did happen, much to the astonishment of many friends and family. We all know that love can make you do absolutely bat shit crazy things, so I wasn’t even phased when I took on 24 credit hours for two semesters. This consequently meant moving to the library permanently, changing to a liquid diet of energy drinks to stay awake (Monster anyone?), and living in old sweatpants with my greasy hair hidden under a baseball cap. To be honest, sweatpants and greasy hair is kind of the uniform of college kids in the Midwest, so I probably shouldn’t consider that a consequence of the double workload.

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Part II | What I Wish I Knew Before Dating A Frenchie

Yo! Alert! This is Part II of “What I wish I knew before dating a Frenchie.” Check out Part I here first if you are shamelessly behind schedule.

I again had the opportunity to partner up with my fabulous New Zealand Pal Rosie to make a video for Part II. Rosie has an amazing Youtube Channel, Not Even French, about her life as a Kiwi in Paris. Don’t be a fool, go see her channel after you watch the video and read the article!

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1 | Shipped Off To France

I was born in Minnesota surrounded by cornfields, smiling strangers and hundreds of different fast food chains. My childhood was a short chapter out of the American Dream pamphlet. By the time I headed off to college I was the stereotypical American that only the good ol’ Midwest could produce. I was sporty, patriotic, polite to a fault and incredibly positive with a toothy white Colgate smile that only years of braces and dentist trips could create. I had also never traveled outside of the US, lacked any in depth knowledge about history and geography, and my idea of an extravagant culinary delight was a new flavor of milkshake at Steak n’ Shake.

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