Eat Like a Parisian Challenge- The Struggles

The 1st month of the #eatlikeaparisian challenge is ova!! If you don’t what this riveting challenge is, I suggest you head on over to this article for all the gossip. If you do know what the challenge is, I suggest you give me a virtual clap on the back right now because im #winning. My goal for the challenge was to have more energy, feel healthier and get the skin of a prepubescence 13-year-old. After one glorious month, I’ve managed to wake up before 10 am for the first time in my life without an alarm clock, created a newfound appreciation for leafy salads, stormed the city of Paris by foot and went to work for the very first time ever without makeup on. I must say it again. #winning.

I’ve seen some really positive results out of the challenge and you can get all the behind the scenes gossip about my results here in this video with my favorite Kiwi and Parisian challenge partner in crime Rosie. I’ve  even decided to keep up the challenge for another two months to push myself even further to get healthier. But I’d be Pinocchio’s newest spawn if I told you that I managed to follow every principle of the challenge on point. I was on the Hot Mess Express more times that I can count, but I’m focused on cutting down on the repeat rides for the next two months. So, if anyone wants to hop onboard the challenge wagon, I’m going to be an absolute angel here and break down my biggest struggles and my best tips so your challenge can be smooth as silk.  If you don’t remember all the principles, check out the one pager here! And if you’re too lazy to read, you can get the dish by video below.

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Who said Frenchmen don’t get fat?


Guest writer: Robin

Hi there Americans,

Some time ago, my better half (this is just a common expression that in no way reflects the reality of the situation) asked me if I wanted to post something on her new Unintentionally Frenchified blog.

As you probably know, this delightful blog deals mainly with three topics: pizza, travels and the life of an expatriate in France.

It is essentially in this last section, that my lovely wife spends all her free time typing furiously away. Revealing intimate details of her life here in my country of birth and her country of heart (I’ve got to repeat this often to convince her). Even if I’ve always said that it would only be fair if I too completed this exercise about the US, I never actually took the plunge. If I’m going to be completely truthful, I didn’t immediately accept Kate’s invitation to guest write on her blog, despite repeated requests.


Was it the lack of time, inspiration or maybe both, that never enabled me to overcome the anxiety of the blank sheet of paper? We’ll never know, but I recently returned from ten days in the United States for Christmas with Kate. I figured it was about time for me to turn the tables and write about what you folks mistakenly call “the best country in the world ” (no offense Kate). While the US is a country that I do quite adore, this is not, I am telling you, “the best country in the world.”  

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Eat like A Parisian Challenge

Download the snazy one pager HERE that has all the 5 principles I’ll be following during the Eat Like a Parisian Challenge!


I would never consider myself a full blown foodie. While I do enjoy eating for pleasure, I’m totally at the mercy of my insatiable hunger. As soon as “Hangry Hank” starts a rumblin’, I know that feeding him just became my #1 priority. Not to mention that refined food has never been my jam. I grew up surrounded by chain diners, cornfields and homemade sloppy joes. When I had the honor of choosing where we ate for dinner on my birthday, Olive Garden was the winner…11 years in a row. Endless breadsticks was literally “my thang.” I may have lived in France for the last 9 years, but I still beg my dad to pop Pillsbury biscuits in the oven when I’m home and I hit up Panera at least twice every trip to devour a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup. I’ve even gone so far as to try and recreate that famous recipe in Paris. #stillafail

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New Year, Same Me

Happy New Year Crew! I hope you had a raging time ringing in 2019! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I spent the holidays visiting family in the US until the 31st. Which means in the jetlag vs Kate battle, jetlag was coming out on top on New Year’s Eve. So, Robin and I decided to forgo a party for an “intimate” celebration in Paris. Intimate is the chosen word I like to use to feel less guilty about staying in together doing a whole lotta nothin’. We drank 5-dollar wine out Tervis cups. We shared a kebab from our favorite Algerian bakery around the corner. I got sucked into the black hole that is “recommended videos” on YouTube for 2 hours, while Robin started playing Assassins Creed: Odyssey. Safe to say the 100 hours of game time needed to finish Odyssey means that I won’t have a husband for the next 6 weeks. :0 But no matter which way you celebrated the New Year, trading saliva with random clubbers, dining with friends, or sleeping through the unwanted noise, a new year has announced itself whether or not you want it.

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