If crust is your jam when it comes to a good slice of pizza, then twerk your way on over to the pizzeria Bijou. Bijou means jewel in La French, and it’s the perfect name for this tiny, but shiny, pizzeria. The younger sister to the ever so popoular Popine, the Italian chef Gennaro Nasti installed his second crust crusade in the hills of Montmartre. Nasti uses fresh, bio ingredients flown in from his hometown in Italy to create his “contemporian pizzas.” His twist on the modern pizza puts the crust back into the spotlight making you wonder how you ever thought that the sauce was numero uno.

Cozy | Hip

The space itself manages to ooze a cozy, intimate vibe with a splash of hipster on the side.

Chandeliers drop from the ceiling, contrasting the modern low lights swinging from the rafters. Sleek metal accents somehow complement the open brick walls and flickering table candles are splattered across 15 different tables, all unique shapes and heights. No more than 40 people are eating at a time and you’re never so close to another table that you accidentally eavesdrop on your neighbor’s sex life. Oh, the luxury of space in Europe.

I would 100% recommend this place for a nice date. The hand written letter thanking you for coming and the discreet Italian waiters give an extra touch to an already cozy environment. It’s not too fancy pants either. You’ll still see groups of friends joking and sipping on wine while families devour their pizza across the room. Plus the central bar and open kitchen add some bustling action to the atmosphere that stops the restaurant from leaning towards the lavish side. If you want to go even more casual, just grab a table on the terrace. You can chomp away on your slice and people watch the different characters trotting around Montmartre.

Thick Crust | What Sauce?

The menu here is strictly pizza guys, so there is nothing to deter your attention away from God’s gift to the universe, besides an antipasti or two. Though you can find “regular” pizzas on the menu, Bijou is known for it’s “pizza contemporaine.” Traditional pizzas are popped into the oven and the crust, sauce and toppings cook together. Bijou’s “pizza contemporaine” are cooked crust first. The sauce and toppings are thrown on the pipin’ hot crust right before it’s served.

The Bedogni

I decided to go with a pizza contemporaine called “The Bedogni.” A mouthwatering mix of a thick, fluffy crust, with slices of Parma ham, gobs of melting stracciatella and a dash of olive oil. It was ahhh-mazing. This type of pizza really puts the crust on center stage so the toppings are wayyy more discreet. If you’re worried about a pizza that’s too dry for you without sauce, you can always choose the Antica pizza contemporiane. It has a homemade red marinara sauce with gooey mozzarella. It’s closer to what you would probably consider a traditional pizza, but still cooked like a pizza contemporiane.

Bijou Orange Cake

If you want to wash your pizza down with a beverage, the Italian and French wine list is endless. They also offer a range of cocktails made at the central bar, though I declined thanks to Dry January. I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed with my dessert. It was an orange cake that was so intense that I felt like I was eating a clementine with a bizarre texture. They do change up the desserts all the time, so I’d give something else another chance next time.

€ Moohla | Moohla $

Meh, I’d say the prices are pretty average for pizza in Paris. You’re looking at something between 18-30 euros depending on the type of pizza and the toppings you want. The atmosphere is pretty fancy for an average slice price, but I wouldn’t consider it a steal either. I’d say it’s average price for an above average meal and was absolutely worth what I paid in comparison to other pizza joints. Drinks and desserts were also riding the average price express.

Tips | Insider Info

  • Halleluhah! Bijou does take reservations! However, BIG WARNING for all of you that enjoy taking advantage of 3 hour dinners. If you book a table for the first dinner service at 7:00 or 7:30, Bijou will kick you to the curb with not one ounce of shame at 9:30 pm to make room for their second service. If you tend to mingle for hours, play it safe and book a table at 9:30.
  • You cannot reserve the terrace, so if you don’t manage to get a rezzy, just show up at 7 and sit outside.
  • The pizzas are ready faster than you can count to ten. If you’re a lover of chatting and enjoying wine before indulging, wait a bit to order. Otherwise you will be stuck stuffing your face 10 minutes after you get in the door.
  • If you see a tall, muscular, tattoed man lurking around, it’s probably the chef. He attemps to welcome or thank every person that comes through his door which is personal touch at its finest!

I hope you all enjoyed the pizza review! I’m always looking for new places to try, so doesn’t hesitate to leave your favorite pizza restos in the comments section!

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  1. Sounds yummy definitely going to try this place. Could you or have you ever discussed how you leaned French or you full story on why you moved here. Did you speak French already or did you study here? Y
    Thank you

    1. Hi! Try it out and let me know what you think! I moved to France for a teaching english program and then went to school for my masters and stayed. I’m planning a video + article with more details soon!

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